Can you fly like an ace while you’re laughing?

Starcross Arena Image

Starcross Arena

You’ve honed your skills on every space game out there. You’re an ace. You’re an epic legendary star master. But you still like the simple joy of basic flight, don’t you? We do too, and we like to share the experience. If nobody sees you squeeze out your opponent for the big win, was it truly spectacular? The answer is yes, but we all want to see it and be seen doing it.

Starcross Arena gives new and seasoned pilots alike a shot at being the one crowned in glory at the end of the match. It’s a whimsical approach to some classic themes, and a simplified approach to others. The controls can be learned very quickly, and its non-violent tone makes it something players of all ages can enjoy.

We’re enjoying the game so much already, and progress has been so manageable, that we’ve decided to go ahead and release an Alpha* version for public use. In the interest of full disclosure; you should be aware that the game being in an Alpha* state means that for a while it’s going to be a hot mess. There is fun to be had in it the whole time however! Please visit our online Shop and join us in the fun.

Artwork is a bit sparse at the moment, but we’ll be adding development updates, videos, and screenshots in increasing amounts. Please check back soon for more information.


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